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Get Free Mass Article Control

Sunday, July 26, 2009 | posted in | 0 comments

A few month ago I just purchased Mass Article Control. This software unique and extremely good rewrite whatever kind of article did you want to. You may also able to create and generate of thousand article of high quality. Google would ban our website or blog if they detect your article duplicate content from other article and mass article control save our problem.

MAC can:

* Create up to and 1000 articles from just ONE main seed article in UNDER 30 seconds!!
* Uses 2009 artificial intelligent, push button, technology!
* Huge in-built synonym database for ultra quick insertion and replacement processing!
* Create and use market specific keywords and save to niche specific categories for smart mass article creation which gets better with every use!
* Unlike common rubbish (crap) article spinners!
* Create influxes of huge unstoppable traffic surges!
* Get published on hundreds of directories!
* Generate thousands of backlinks!
* Dummy proof - NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Training videos included

Today I would like to share this software to all of you. Hurry download it now before it remove...

Free Mass Article Control

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