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Free Childrens Writing Super System

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | posted in | 0 comments

Christopher Maselli has release his new e-book about children writing Super System. In this e-book you will learned on how to write children’s books and get them published. Beside that this e-book also discovers about writer, pitch and sells your children’s book. So I have bought this system a few days ago. So far this e-book is good for me and my husband to know more about our children. I would recommend you have this material for your children. So what you will be learn on the writing super system.
There are:

Session 1 about

How I started writing for children
The part risk plays in becoming a children’s writer
How continuing education strengthens your craft
Is it possible to make a living only writing children’s books?
Why do you want to be a children’s writer?
A brief look at everything included in the Children’s writing Super System
A look at what part faith plays in becoming a writer

Session 2: Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers
• Specifics on standard book formats for Board Books, Picture Books, Chapter Books Middle Grade Books, Young Adult Books and Graphic Novels
• A look at publishing opportunities for children’s writers
• Why submissions to children’s magazines can be more financially rewarding than writing books–and reach more people
• A look at what many are calling the “next big thing” in children’s literature
• Powerful recommendations for reading to establish yourself in your genre

Session 3: Super Story Structure
Session 4: Understanding the Modern Child
Session 5: Common Children’s Book Blunders
Session 6: The Business of Writing
Session 7: One Sheets, Queries and Cover Letters
Session 8: Proposals with Pizazz!
Session 9: Conclusion

The Complete Children’s Writing Super System you will get also :
• NINE in-depth audio sessions totaling more than 7 hours on the creativity and business of children’s writing in MP3 format
• A 78-page workbook in PDF format, designed to help you put everything you hear into practice
• Writing Momentum’s Field Guide to the BEST Children’s Books…Ever! in PDF format
• The full text of Poetics by Aristotle in PDF format


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