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Download Free George Brown's Traffic Ultimatum

Saturday, April 24, 2010 | posted in | 0 comments

George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum is a big online training course. Generating online traffic is a huge topic and Traffic Ultimatum attempts to provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the various methods for traffic generation.

Every single method that exists to drive traffic on the internet, and all covered in total step by step detail. Seriously. And yeah, it’s a pretty big course…
Here’s just some of the good stuff that’s in there:

* All the methods used by the internet’s biggest super affiliates to driving tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors to any website on the internet. 100% FREE.
* The REAL secrets I’ve discovered from over 50 experiments to ranking #1 on Google – with real step by step instructions on how to actually do it.

* The true power of article marketing. You will be blown away… And if you thought it was just submitting to article directories you are dead wrong.

* How to create a youtube video on ANY subject you want in 2 minutes flat. And how to submit that video for total domination.

* 3 Little tricks to massively increase the amount of views (and traffic) your videos get.
* How to really use adwords to make money – A complete guide to the ENTIRE process (this could be its own course).

* How to use simple free social media sites to completely own the first 3 pages of Google.

* The viral nature of Facebook – And how to use its power so people start driving traffic to your site *for you*… This is beautiful.

* Everyone’s raving about it: Twitter… Here’s how to really use it to actually MAKE MONEY!

* PPV (Pay per view) and how you can use it to buy tens of thousands of visitors PER DAY at just pennies.
And SO much more …

Let download just free.....

Click Here To Download Rapidshare

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