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Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya Video Controversy

Friday, June 25, 2010 | posted in | 0 comments

He was very happy when it comes to famous celebrities Indonesia has a sex tape that leaked to the public today. In the midst of this controversy are some celebrities who lay trapped under a changed state with strict regulations and a very conservative religious culture.

You may download from here Ariel

Nazril Irham, better known in Indonesia as a superstar pop singer Ariel, along with current boyfriend / model Luna Maya in the eye is very common now.

Although they may deny it, the laptop is stolen and private Ariel recent video of him and his girlfriend of the past now appears.

when his girlfriend, Luna Maya, is a very popular model and celebrity and celebrity scandals are popping up, also faces Lux beauty soap.

The Ariel and Luna Maya and video cassettes is the first of Indonesia. There is also another video that shows him with Ariel's ex-boyfriend who is also a model of popular celeb. Reports say there may be video celebrity bahawa more to come.

This new video Ariel scandal even more controversial as Indonesial laws prohibiting circulation of the types of videos.

Watch the video scandal, Ariel and a video tape or Luna Maya. Ariel and Luna Maya download scandal video here

Download Video Ariel and Luna Maya Sex Video

Video 1
Video 2

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