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Free Download Blogging To The Bank 3

Sunday, August 30, 2009 | posted in , | 0 comments

What Is About Blogging To The Bank v3 Inside?

Rob’s book so good to have and improved a lot of thing in many term from v2:

• It’s efficient – there’s no waffling

• Rob covers a lot of different techniques, yet uses very few words to do so (the whole book is only 50+ pages)

• Rob recommends email list building from your blog. I think this is key. Imagine having 20 blogs, all with an email list of 500 to 5,000 subscribers each. This is an attainable outcome and really spreads your income sources across many assets – I like this A LOT.

• Affiliate marketing is the top recommended monetization method and it’s clear this is Rob’s strong point. However he keeps things very simple by focusing only on Clickbank as the source for affiliate products and shows us what criteria he uses within Clickbank to decide which products to promote.

• By focusing in ClickBank and affiliate marketing, the niche selection process really is a process – there’s no “personal reflection” or anything of that nature – look for the numbers, find where the money is being made already, then set up a blog to sit in front of the buyers and take some of that money for yourself.

• Rob ends the book by talking about selling blogs – another tactic I’m a fan of, although really the book only touches on this subject as an afterthought.

The one time really got excited reading this book was when Rob talked about having several email lists up to 20,000 subscribers strong in his different various blogs, which he sends regular offers to (affiliate products). While I personally have no intentions of branching into other niches until I’ve done what I want to in my niche, I can see how amazingly profitable this strategy could be when done right.

What Is Not The Best About Blogging To The Bank 3?

Here’s where I think Rob could improve his book –

• The book is brief. Yes, okay this is an advantage too, it’s efficient with words as I stated above, but that also means some concepts are left under-explained, in my opinion. Some people are going to be left hanging after reading this book, not understanding certain terms or procedures. That being said, a quick search online will find the answers, so perhaps Rob is actually being smart because he puts the pieces together and lets the reader work out the puzzle for themselves.

• I want to hear more case study type feedback from Rob’s own experience. He lays out the system, but he doesn’t tell me enough about how he has personally put it together and implements it. A couple of case studies from his experience, or even just a few more stories thrown in now and then, would have been appreciated.

• Of course, Rob’s system is different and if you know me by now, you know I prefer going deep in one niche and dominating. I think my system is stronger long term and frankly – it’s more fun because it runs off your passion. Not everyone is going to agree with here though, and it’s important to note – Rob’s making a ton of money despite this, so there’s no right or wrong way to use blogs to make money, it’s up to you to find out what works for you.

How Exactly Does Blogging To The Bank Work?

Taking a leaf from Rob’s book, let me lay this out for you in as few words as possible. Here’s a breakdown of how to make money as taught within Blogging To The Bank 3.0.

1. Research the web using keyword tools, Google and Clickbank to find where the traffic and money is.

2. Get yourself a domain name and hosting and set up a WordPress.org blog.

3. Optimize your blog for humans, search engines and monetization by installing certain key plug-ins and configuring your blog correctly.

4. Source content by writing it yourself, using private label rights content, paying others to write it for you or using content from article directories.

5. Promote your blog using various link building, SEO and Web 2.0 techniques.

6. Sell affiliate products from clickbank, sell advertising from your blog and use Google AdSense.

7. Then do it all over again from step 1 with a new blog.

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s not rocket science, but there’s work to do. Your job if you follow this path is to be diligent by forcing yourself to take action to complete every step above for every blog you create. Rob recommends outsourcing too, but not every task above, so there’s always going to be something to do.

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Blogging To The Bank 3.0 is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make easy money online.

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