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Free Keyword Elite v2

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 | posted in , | 0 comments

Brad Callen finally release it new version Keyword Elite v2. There are more features on this new version. The new Keyword Elite v2 is more on the latest internet marketing in the net.

Take a look what inside of KE2?

SO the new interface look friendly user. There are 8 icons in the screen above.

What for Keyword Surge?

As you know this module is to create keywords lists. It works is when you enter a seed keyword and KE2 will give you a list of related keywords. This is the most basic function that you can find in any keyword tool. Keyword Elite 2 have the option to use 5 different ways to create those keywords lists by using:

1. Keyword Elite Engine
2. Ask.com
3. Google Suggestion Tool
4. Meta Tags
5. Word Tracker

Market Search Sleuth

and more info visit and download




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